Programming Project 2 (Subroutines)

Using the MARIE computer assembly language, write a program that computes the following expression: z ß (a * b) * (c * d). The computer will read in the input values a, b, c, and d from the keyboard, and the final result (z) has to be displayed. In addition, every time an input value is read in, it must be displayed on the screen. Each time a multiplication of two numbers is needed, it has to be done using a multiplication subroutine. Remember that the MARIE instruction set does not have an instruction to execute multiplication, you must create a subroutine (function) that multiplies two numbers and call it each time you need it. The program must be tested in the MARIE simulator.

On Webcourses you will find the MARIE folder with all the necessary documents on MARIE:

1) How to download the MARIA simulator

2) A guide to the MARIE simulator environment

3) A presentation to understand MARIE

Also you will find out in the MARIE lecture: The descriptions of instructions JnS (to call a subroutine) and JumpI (to return from the subroutine). You will also find two examples of program that call subroutines in MARIE assembly language.