Homework 2 Practice with External Style Sheets

Homework 2 (based on the Hands-On Exercise, Third Edition, p. 135) Practice with External Style Sheets.

Create two external stylesheet files and two web pages. The content of both web pages will be the same. You will link one web page to one external stylesheet and the other web page to the other stylesheet. For you receive any credit on this assignment, you must FTP the files to your student webspace and you must submit the URL on Blackboard.

-Make a folder called hw2. The four files you create in this exercise should all be inside this folder. (10 points)

-Make an external style sheet to format a document text color and a document background color. Make sure that the text is easy to read against the background color(10 points)

-Make another external style sheet with a different document text color and background color. The text should again be easy to read against the background color (10 points)

-Make a web page about a television show you like that contains the following

the television show in a heading tag (you can choose among the various heading tags) (10 points)

a paragraph about why you like the television show (no spoilers please!) (10 points)

an unordered (bulleted) list of a few of the actors and actresses in the television show. (10 points)

a hyperlink to a website about the television show (10 points)

an email link to yourself. (10 points)

This page should be associated with the first css file. (10 points)

Save the page and test your page in a browser..

Modify your html page to be associated with the second external style sheet instead of the first css file. (10 points) Save the page under a new filename and test it in a browser.

Upload the hw2 folder and its contents to your student webspace.

Using a browser, navigate to the hw2 folder in your student webspace. You should see a directory listing of the four files. Click on each of the html files to make sure they are displaying correctly

Highlight the URL of the hw2 folder and copy the URL (Control -V or right click copy) and paste the URL (do not type it!) into the Submission or Comments area of the assignment.

References for this assignment: Chapters 2 and 4 of the text and Judy's HTML5 Tutorial .