CSE578 Assignment5-Optical Flow Solved

•     In this assignment you will be implementing Lucas-Kanade optical flow algorithm.

•     You need to submit your code and a report pdf. Your report should contain the analysis of various components of the algorithm with sufficient visual results.

•     We will be using this optical flow dataset: http://vision.middlebury.edu/flow/ data/.

–     You need to present the results on at least 5 image pairs of your choice from this: http://vision.middlebury.edu/flow/data/comp/zip/eval-gray-twoframes. zip.

–     Optionally, you are free to explore other images/sequences from dataset to make your report persuasive.

•     Use optical flow to do the following -

–     Detection and segmentation of moving objects in a video

–     Tracking of objects in a video sequence

•     Analyze how does your algorithm work when camera is moving.