CS160- Assignement 5 Solved

• Orientation

I attended the career fair and the first thing I noticed was that I was very underdressed. I understood it’s a formal event, but I was still a little surprised. As I went in, I talked with NAVSEA Warfare Centers. They help with the cyber defense of naval ships along with many other things. I also met with RIGHT SYSTEMS INC they are in the IT world. They help companies implement the IT infrastructure they want.

• Understanding the problem


• Program Design

I will handle bad input whenever there is user input.

Also I forgot to add this into the flowchart but after I ask the user to choose integration I ask for the user to input the values for a,b,n. And when I call the integration function it’ll bring those values as well. Then after the user chooses summation, I ask the user to input the values for a and b and when the summation function is called I bring the values of a and b.

Pseudo Code for summation function:

def summation_calculate(function_choice,start_value,end_value):

            if(function_choice == 1):

                        for x in range (end_value):