Lab 06 solution

The objective of this lab is to get you some experience in processing strings character by character and in implementing stacks and queues in a class package.

The programming assignment:

In your lab05, replace instructor’s Tokenizer class and MyStackQueue package with your own.

1. You must use a linked list to implement your queue.
2. You must use an array to implement your stack.
3. You must use the following frame work to implement your tokenizer.
class Tokenizer {
private char [] Buf;
private int cur;
Tokenizer(String infixExpression) {
Buf = infixExpression.toCharArray();
cur = 0;
boolean moreTokens() {
Skip blanks.
return cur<Buf.length;
Token nextToken() {
1. Skip blanks.
2. if (cur=Buf.length) return null;
3. If the next character is a digit, keep reading until a non-digit is read.
Convert the string of digits into an integer.
String Digits = new String(Buf, start, len);
int num = Integer.valueOf(Digits).intValue();
Use num to create and return an operand.
4. Otherwise, use the next character to create and return an operator.