CS310 Data Structures Programming Assignment 6: Binary Search Trees Solution

Problem Scenario
The IT manager of the real estate office was at a barbeque over the weekend. He was talking to a programmer friend who was learning about trees and who said they were really cool. Now the IT manager would like or you to convert the data structures in your program to binary search trees.
Program Requirements
You will replace your RealtorLogImpl and PropertyLogImpl classes from Assn 5 (to work with binary search trees, instead of hash tables).
NOTE: Make sure your input data file is not ordered in any way, or you will end up with very unbalanced binary search trees.
For the RealtorLogImpl implementation you will build your own Binary Search Tree. You cannot use any existing Java Collection classes.
For the PropertyLogImpl, you will be implementing the TreeMap from the Java Collection.
You will need to create any secondary classes, such as Nodes, for each of the implementations.
Use the Realtor license number and the Property MLS number as the keys for each implementation.
The inputs will remain the same as for assn 5 – the Realtor/Property input file, and the RealtorRequests file. You will also provide the same report as last week.
You will add a traverseDisplay() method to both RealtorLogImpl and PropertyLogImpl (similar to the traverse in Assn 3, but this time providing an “in order” recursive traversal of the binary search tree).
The methods will display Realtor List: OR Property List:
and will then traverse the list being implemented, using the toString() method to display each object in the list.
Use these methods to display each list, before you process the RealtorRequests file.
The program must follow all CS310 Coding Standards from Content section 1.9.

Additional Requirements
 Your original input data file (containing Realtor and Property data to build the binary trees from) will still be read from the input folder in your project.
Place all test data files that you create to test your program in the input folder of your project, and name them as follows:
(i.e. number each data file after the filename of assn6input.txt)

 Your second input data file will also be read from the input folder in your project.
Place all test data files that you create to test your program in the input folder of your project, and name them as follows:
(i.e. number each data file after the filename of realtorRequests.txt)
As a group, all of your test data files should demonstrate that you have tested every possible execution path within your code, including erroneous data which causes errors or exceptions.
 Your output report will still be written to a salesReport.txt file in the output folder in your project.
 Create and/or modify Javadoc headers, and generate Javadoc files
 Add screen shots of clean compile of your classes to the documentation folder.
WARNING: Submittals without the clean compile screenshots will not be accepted.
(This means that programs that do not compile will not be accepted)
Program Submission
This programming assignment is due by midnight of the date listed on the Course Assignments by Week page.
 Export your project from NetBeans using the same method as you did for previous weeks. o Name your export file in the following format:
For example: CS310SmithAssn6.zip
 Submit your .zip file to the Prog Assn 6 Submission Folder (located under Assignments tab in online course).
Warning: Only NetBeans export files will be accepted.
Do not use any other kind of archive or zip utility.