Create a class named Palindrome

Create a class named then implements the recursive method specified below:

public boolean isPalindrome(String s)

The recursive method: isPalindrome takes a string as a parameter and that returns true if the string is a palindrome and false if it is not. A palindrome is a string like "racecar" that has the same sequence of characters when written forwards and backwards. Notice that in a palindrome, the first and last characters match, as do the second and second-to-last, the third and third-to-last, and so on. However, when we test if a string is a palindrome, we only consider alphabetic letters(a-z and ignore cases) and digits (0-9), we simply ignore all other symbols. The table below includes various method calls and the value returned:

Method Call Result
isPalindrome("radar") true
isPalindrome("Was It A Rat I Saw?") true
isPalindrome("pe e p") true
isPalindrome("x") true
isPalindrome("12321") true
isPalindrome("Java") false