Assignment 4 Solution

Create a folder named assignment4 in your development environment.

In the folder create a web page using PHP, HTML5 and CSS with a form that prompts for the following:

Two textboxes

A textarea

A dropdown menu

A multiple-select list box

A set of radio buttons

A set of checkboxes

The action attribute of the form tag should be the web page itself. Validate that an entry has been made in each form field. If no information is in a form field, display a message in red text next to the field. If all the fields have information entered, display all the information entered.

The layout, color choices, use of HTML/CSS and aethetics of the web page created will be used in calculating your grade.

Zip the files in the assignment4 folder into a zip file named < and attach to this assignment. Only .zip files will be accepted. DO NOT submit individual files.