Ramp Weight

Design and code a program that prompts for the aircraft empty weight, number of passengers in the front seat, number of passengers in the back seat, the amount of fuel in the airplane and the baggage weight. To calculate the "Ramp Weight" of the aircraft you will need to multiply the number of gallons of fuel times the weight per gallon then add the weight of the pilot, passengers and baggage. Finally, don't forget to add the weight of the aircraft itself. Thus, "Ramp Weight" is the weight of the aircraft just before takeoff. In aviation, a critical calculation is determining the "weight and balance" of the aircraft which is one of many indicators of whether or not it can get off the ground. Here we will calculate what is called the "Ramp Weight" which is the total weight of the aircraft including passengers, fuel and baggage. In this program you will be demonstrating that you know how to enter data from the keyboard and to add documentation comments to your program using Javadoc.