Customer booking for Fan Trick

In this assignment, you will capture customer order/booking for Fan Trick Fine Art Photography located in Vancouver, BC. Fan Trick Fine Art Photography sells photographic prints and offers special event photography services. The owners want to expand their website to offer information about digital photography, and to provide a rate estimator for their services for prospective customers.
Create a new JavaScript script file and save it as “orderData.js”. Extract the data from the query string passed from the first page and save it using hidden form fields. Begin by creating an array called “orderDataArray”. Thereafter, create a function called
Create an eventListener that will call the extractData function when the form loads. You should then place a relative link to your script just before the closing body tag of the customerInfo HTML document (hint: if you are not sure of how to create a relative link to your script, see how the link is created for script on the orderEstimate.htm page).