a space invader type game

Employability statementThis assignment will help develop your problem solving and programming skills on a relatively large and complex application involving multiple classes. All the techniques used are industrially relevant and a completed application can be used as evidence of your abilities and skills for your cv and future placement and career interviews. It will be wise to produce a digital artefact e.g. screen recording which can be referenced in your cv or cover letter. Formative and summative submission You must hand in your work to date on the formative submission on (Friday 19th Friday). Your work will be marked at this point and you will be provided with feedback to enable you to improve your submission. You can then resubmit your improved submission on the final hand- in- date, but your work must be accompanied with a record of the changes you have made in light of the feedback you were given. This record should consist of a written description and highlighted sections within your codes e.g. by comments. You can also ask for formative verbal feedback during the assignment based labs (2nd term) and in support sessions. Applications You must design and implement in java, a space invader type game, with a user controlled defenders and user controlled invaders. You can select any theme you like for the game e.g. a gardener shooting a greenfly but your invaders must be your own individual design. You should use eclipse with processing imported into your project as covered in lab week 11. Defender must be able to: · Move left to right (could also move up and down) · Shoot a missile up the screen Invaders must be able to: · Move around the screen in some set pattern · Cause defender to die by reaching a set point e.g. bottom of the screem Invaders could be able to: · Drop missiles · Be shot (by the defender) and disappear from the screen Solution must include: · Classes to handle the defender, the invader, missile(s). You may add other classes where possible. · Classes should all contain a variety of appropriate methods including at least one constructor. · At least one array list of (preferably) an array to handle multiple objects of the same class. · At least one class should contain a function method. Optional conditions · Splash screen at start · Game levels · Player levels · Scoring- current score, best score · Complex movement patterns · Intelligent invaders Marking scheme To pass (40-50) a simple working game (you should comment out code that causes errors). At least one invader that can move, defender can shoot, defender can move e.g. key presses. 50-60 as above but multiple invaders, game can end. 60-70 as above with two dimensional array of invaders, multiple invader images displayed in sequence invaders can be shot. 70-80 as above, invaders can drop missiles, defender can be shot 80 plus, a fully working game The following criteria will be considered when marking your work: · OO design- complete and working classes, appropriate use of private and public accessibility · Reusability of classes (and methods), minimal global variables · Refactored code-well-structured code, intuitive variable names · Presentation: consistent identification of code blocks, source code contains informative comments.