Unit 08 Drop Box Assignment Solution

You will create a word processing document and save it in "pdf" format. If you turn your document in using the wrong format, you will get no credit for it.
ONLY ONE FILE may be turned in for the assignment. If you make a mistake and need to turn in your work
again, you may do so. I will only grade the latest file you turn in. The older ones will be ignored. For instruction on How To do assignments and create the file see the "How To Do Homework" document under
the "Start Here" button.

The Assignment
Develop a class diagram for a Message class for a cell phone company. Include generalizations for childclasses TextMessage, VideoMessage, and VoiceMessage.
The Message class has attributes of account number and price. In addition it has the methods getInfo(accountNum) and calcPrice().
The subclasses each have one additional attribute of thier own. TextMessage has characterLength, VideoMessage has messSize and VoiceMessage has numMinutes.
Each subclass overrides the methods of the superclass with thier own. No getter or setter methods need to be documented.
Use UMLet to draw the diagram, then copy and paste (or export an image and import) to a word processing document. Don't forget your name and other requried info at the top of the page.