Database Systems  Assignment 6 Solution

For each question, please cut and paste the queries and results of the queries into a document and convert that document to pdf format. Use the BigHitVideo database. Here is a jpg of the ER model of BigHitVideo. All problems are worth 10 points. 1. List the names of all movies which are either currently rented or reserved. 2. Show the names of all movies, and the number of times they have been rented, for all movies that have been rented at least twice. This is only for previous rentals, so you only need the previousRental table (as well as video and movie of course). You will also need a HAVING clause. 3. For each store, list the storeid, the number of salaried employees that work in that store, and the total weekly pay rate. This should be able to include zeroes. 4. For each state, show the number of different movies that have been (previously) rented. This will involve some duplicate removal, as "Annie Hall" has been rented three times and "The Thirty-Nine Steps" two times by Florida residents - each should count as one Florida movie rental. (Hint: use "COUNT(DISTINCT … )".) 5. For each supplier, list the supplier ID, their address, and the names of the movies they have supplied. 6. List the average number of days each movie (title) has been rented. This will involve a join of the movie, video, and previousrental tables, and the use of the DATEDIFF function, like the TIMEDIFF from class. (Also notice that one of the entries in previousrental makes no sense, being returned before it was rented. But go with it.) 7. For each store, show the amount generated from movie rentals. This will involve adding the cost fields in both the rental and previousrental tables. Show the storeid and address.