Powerpoint Karaoke Mega Pack

A set of powerpoint decks to use for playing Powerpoint Karaoke. Contains:
  • 18 slide decks, each with 10 presentation slides.
  • A deck combining all 18 decks into one (for gameplay convenience).
  • Game rules and judging criteria.
Deck topics include:
  • "Healthy Habits"
  • "Teamwork"
  • "How to Master any Skill"
  • "Stress in the Workplace"
  • "Fostering Innovation"
  • "Taking Risks"
  • "How to Be More Productive"
  • "Your Path to Personal Wealth"
  • "Building Healthy Relationships"
  • "A History of our Organization"
  • "Business Ideas"
  • "Finding Success in Your Career"
  • "Interviewing"
  • "Life Hacks"
  • "New Employee Onboarding"
  • "Preparing for Retirement"
  • "Tips for Using Social Media"
  • "Work-life Balance"
For more details, see powerpointkaraoke.com