10 Minute Guided Meditation Boost Energy Level & Feel Great l Positive Energy l Hypnosis l Talkdown
Green Anahata Chakra Meditation | Overflowing in Love Energy
Guided Healing 7 Chakra Meditation for Cleansing and Balance with Tibetan
Meditation on the Law of Attraction
Meditation on Releasing Resistance
Meditation on the Alchemy of Asking and Receving
Meditation on Establishing Boundaries
Meditation on Falling and Flowing in Love
 Quiet Mind Meditation
Guided Water Meditation
Meditation on Restoring Health
 Light Energy Chakra Meditation
 Affirmations for Inner Peace
Affirmations For Depression
Meditaiton on Asking For What You Want
Meditation on Removing False Limitations
Meditation on Focusing On What's Important
Meditation on Moving Forward
Meditation on Knowing Your Value
Meditation on Patience
Meditation on Recognizing Who You Are
Meditation on Creating A Beautiful Day
Welcoming and Releasing Meditation
Meditation on  Eliminating Negative and Limiting Thoughts
Meditation on Trusting Yourself
Meditation on Dusting Yourself Off
Meditation on Playing Your Game
Meditation on Taking It One Step At A Time
Seeing Everything As It Is
Meditation on Letting Go of What Doesn't Serve You
You Have Everything You Need
Meditation on Welcoming and Releasing
Meditation on Taking One Step At A Time
Meditation on Letting Go
Meditation on Redirecting Anger, Frustration and Tension
Meditation on Directing Thoughts To A Positive Place
Meditation on Cleansing Negative Energy
Meditation On Transcending Opinions, Comparisons , and Criticism
Meditation on Receiving Love Energy
Guided Transcendent Meditation
Meditation To Help Ease Pain From Death, Loss, Grief, Depression and Sadness
Meditation on Transcending Haters
Meditation on Forgiveness, releasing guilt and Letting Go - free your mind and life
Meditation to Help Clear the Mind, Focus Thoughts and Relax
Guided Self Love Meditation
Mediation on Transcending Doubt
Meditation on Patience while in the Void - ASMR
Meditation to ease Anxiety, Fear and Urgency
Guided Soulmate Meditation
Meditation for Rest, Sleep and Lower blood pressure
Guided Meditation on Faith
Meditation on Expanding and Unblocking Creativity
Meditation for Positive Energy
Meditation for Pregnancy, Birthing, Labor and Delivery


Download soothing 10 minute meditations. Positive Magazine's relaxing guided meditations aimed to heal & restore your mind, body & spirit.


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