2020 Life Elements Journal: A Year of Natural Connections

The 2020 Life Elements Journal is a powerful tool for personal transformation based on a deep relationship with Nature and the energies of the elements.

You can simply enjoy the beautiful artwork and use the weekly planner or you can dig in and become your own Beauty-Filled expression of the Divine. 

The tools are at hand...
The choices are yours.

  1. Weekly planner journal format
  2. Phase of the moon
  3. Astrological energies 
  4. Wheel-of-the-Year Sabbat clues and correspondences
  5. Guides for creation of altars and integrating the 8-step Wheel-of-the-Year energies for deep personal transformation.
  6. 20 images of Patricia Ballentine artwork
  7. Monthly essays for inspiration

Author's comment:
Many have said to me, “this is too much work” – there are easier ways. To this I respond...for me - life is to be lived fully – not necessarily easily. I have created and learned to live a life that I describe as being Reduced to Abundance.

Choosing this path does not eliminate the relevance of any aspect of my life, but renders the essential essence from each. 

Understanding is the key and journaling is the tool. 

It is the good work that empowers us to live the ancient aphorism “Know Thyself.” 

It is the lifelong work that offers no quick fix, but provides the self-awareness to ultimately become one with the carousel of my own life.

And in what is true for me, it is the soulful work that prepares the way for the ongoing adventure when the carousel ride of this lifetime pauses – and the next begins.

This is an 8 1/2 x 11 pdf document that has been created with an eye for detail. It is formatted to enable to you easily select and print page ranges, odd or even selections, and capture just planner pages, all artwork, etc.