Terms & License

Commercial license

You can:

1. Use for unlimited personal and commercial projects
2. Use on Print On Demand websites, as long as you only upload flattened designs
3. Use in websites, digital products, and social media
4. Use in video and media files.

You can not:

1. Redistribute, sublicense, sell, give-away or share resources.
2. Upload resources on a server that will allow unlicensed users to utilize the resources.
3. Use graphic resource as-is to sell on Print on Demand websites as an add on or individual product.
4. Break up the graphic resource (Vectors, Illustrations, Mockups, Bundles) and resell or give-away or distribute them in whole or parts.
5. Embed the unmodified graphic resource into any software or third party website.
6. Provide source files to any third party where individual elements can be extracted.