Create Your Own Journal - Digital PDF Edition (editable)

Writing in a journal can be a bit dull. So why not turn your journaling time into journeying time!


Follow the paths throughout the book and can create between 10 different journeys through writing. Begin on the designated page, complete the self-discovery prompt, and skip ahead to the next prompt until the journey is fulfilled. The journey ends with retrospectives that give you a chance to understand the big picture behind the journaling process.


This product is a digital “editable” PDF.  After purchase you will receive a digital PDF version of this product (not a physical book).

You will then be able to use this digital product on any computer or mobile device using the FREE program “Adobe Acrobat Reader” or any other PDF software.
This “editable” PDF will allow you to save all your responses directly into this PDF file.  Your added original content will never be lost, unless you decide to delete it, edit it, or start all over again!