Year 1 UNITS 1-6 BUNDLE 96 Lessons, 169 Pages

This is a bundle of Year 1 Units 1-6. 96 Lessons.

This is the best bundle value. 
The regular price for this bundle is $96.
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Units purchased separately: cost is $114.

There are 88 keys on the piano, so 88 seemed like the perfect super savings discount.
Price subject to change at any time. 

You can find the video lesson in 2 places: and youtube.  Please sample the video lessons before making your purchase, as there is no refund on the ebooks once you have downloaded them.

Here are the links:

After registering for the website (free), you must enroll in each unit (also free) as you are ready to begin it.  You will find the enrollment button on the first page of the unit:
Unit 1  
Unit 2   
Unit 3     
Unit 4     
Unit 5     
Unit 6    
Complete Year 1 Playlist:   YouTube   (no user account required.)