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My name is Lisa, and I'm your online piano teacher!  I can teach you everything you need to learn to play piano from the very beginning.  From the piano key names and your finger numbers, to learning about rhythm and how to read piano music.  Even how to read chord symbols and play piano by ear!

The Adult Beginning Piano Student. 
Taking up a new skill, such as piano, as an adult - often during retirement years - is an excellent way to stay young and exercise the brain.  

Online learning has become an excellent way to aquire new skills, and piano lessons are no exception.  But, the challenge has become finding the right lessons and course for your needs.  

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Nearly the entire brain is involved in learning and playing music.  Dr. Catherine Loveday, neuropsychologist at the University of Westminster states in her book, “The Mystery of Music:”

“Music is fundamental, universal and ubiquitous.” “From the cerebellum, involved in movement and rhythm, to the amygdala, associated with emotional learning,”

Full brain engagement is not something that we can claim from all skills we learn. Sports or Academics lean heavily toward body or knowledge centered development. Learning an instrument involves much more. When we learn to play an instrument, we:
  • analyze the music,
  • learn and recall facts,
  • physically reproduce the music we have deciphered,
  • assess our progress,
  • experience emotions relating to both our experience and our output.

Enhance your brain fitness – learn to play piano!
There are many instruments you could choose to learn, and any one that you prefer will be a great way to develop brain fitness.  But, let me suggest that learning the piano has it’s own brain development super-power.  The piano is the only instrument where the performer is both the melody and the harmony.  It’s a rare experience where the right hand and the left hand have completely different jobs to do simultaneously, and the feet are often involved as well.  What else can you think of where this is the case?  Maybe, driving a stick?

If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn to play piano as an adult, I can help you get started today for free, online, at PianoVideoLessons.com.  All you need is a keyboard and motivation!

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