FormValidation Developer License

Official website:

FormValidation is the best validation library for JavaScript.
  • Rewritten everything from scratch in Typescript and ES6
  • No dependency. No jQuery. Hooray!
  • Compatible with JavaScript module. It means that you can use import and integrate with other JavaScript frameworks
  • Built on plugin architecture. The core libary is very lighweight. Everything else is plugin.
  • Richest validators in the class
  • All validators can be used independently. So you can use it in browser, with JavaScript module and server side frameworks. Write the validator once and reuse it everywhere.
  • Well tested with +400 Mocha unit tests, hundreds of end-to-end test cases against Selenium server.
  • Designed to work with native form without using any specific CSS frameworks
  • Provide built in plugins to support popular CSS frameworks, including
- Bootstrap 3
- Bootstrap 4
- Bulma
- Foundation
- Materialize
- Milligram
- mini.css
- PureCSS
- Semantic UI
- Shoelace
- Spectre
- Tachyons
- turretcss
- Uikit

and more landing soon.

With the Developer License:
  • You get the latest version of FormValidation
  • Free lifetime upgrade
  • Full source code
  • Free to use in multiple websites

You can see more information on the official website: