149 : Miss Iris goes to the audition driving the WV Beetle

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Miss Iris has a very important audition today, and she can't be there late!

So she dresses up with a sexy black dress and Roman high heels sandals, she takes the Beetle keys and she is ready to go!

But first, she wants you to see how is her outfit, and she wants to try some photo shoot poses on and around the beetle so you can tell her your opinion.

After some really sexy poses, it's time to go! She calls the audition director to ask some more infos about the place and how to be there, and she ensures him that she will be there on time and will take a book the director needs during the way! But before all, she tries pumping the pedal with her heels, just to understand if she can drive with them or if it's better barefeet.

Iris actually discovers that driving in barefeet is way better, as she can feel the pedals more while driving!

She removes her heels and she drives to the audition place! She drives in a lot of traffic, and she is worried to arrive late!

But the thing that scares her so much is that the Beetle is stalling every now and then at the crossroads! So she has to keep the Beetle alive while concentrated to driving in a lot of traffic with cars all round!

Will she be on time to the audition?
Or will the Beetle leave her stranded in the middle of the road?