266 : Miss Iris and her boyfriend's BMW

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Added on March 7, 2017

You are a lucky guy! You are in a relationship and Miss Iris is your sexy girlfriend! You two are relaxing in your BMW, and she is on your passenger seat.

She is wearing a grey coat, black jeans and pink high heels, and she is dangling her heels while talking with you. "Do you like my legs? Because if you don't behave well I will show you what can those legs do..." She wants to tease you, and she knows you love it!

"You are always standing there watching my legs and my feet, stop or I will give you a severe punishment". And what can be worse than jumping over your beloved bmw hood with her heels and sit on the roof of your car? While you stay in the driver seat and watch her going over the car, you try to start the car to get her off the roof...

The only problem is that the car won't start up! And to make you feel worse, she is complaining about it! "Honey, this car is old, is terrible and looks shit. And it doesn't even start up!

You made an amazing deal, I see!" After she has destroyed half of the hood, she decides that maybe she can manages to start the car, but she can't as well, and she spends all the time complaining with you that your car is so shit!

Will she stop before the battery runs flat?