176 : Miss Iris cranking and stalling odissey

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"I am working now, but... Half an hour and I will be there! See you later!"

Miss Iris is discussing with a customer who needs her straight away. It's an important customer so she needs to get in time there! She quickly gets in the Panda and ... the cranking driving stalling odissey begins !! The issue is that the Panda engine is about to start everytime she tries to crank it, but at the end it doesn't start at all! Plus there is a terrible smell and everything is shaking...

She pumps in every possible way the gas pedal to let the panda start, but that engine doesn't want to start at all!

She finally gets it started but after a few meters it stalls, and she is in the middle of the road!

When she finally manages to start the engine, she goes to the car wash to have a quick cleaning of the little panda. It isn't an easy drive, because the Panda stalls every few meters, but at least she finally arrives there!

She washes her beloved Panda and ... again ... the engine doesn't want to start at all! She is stranded at a car wash!

After successfully starting the engine, she heads to the appointment, but the engine makes weird noises and everything is shaking... Poor poor Iris !!