267 : Miss Iside sexy feet revving the Fiat Panda

Price € 10,00 Playtime: 9:55 Min
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Added on March 7, 2017

Miss Iside is not a new model for the Pedal Vamp girls. She was one of the first models of Pedal Vamp and a dear friend of Miss Vicky! And now she wants to come back in the show! Wearing a white top, a flower skirt, black thighs and red heels she is ready to rev some engines!

She will rev Miss Vicky's beloved Fiat Panda, and she can't wait to do it! So she gets in the car, start the engine, and then she immediately gives to this engine a rev!

And after one rev she wants another one, and another one, and so on! She really loves this engine and she doesn't want to stop revving it! It's so satisfying and it gives her a strong sensation of power and control over it! She can't stop!

Every time she presses on the gas pedal she feels the vibrations of the engine on her skin, and she really loves it! But at the same time she can't push hard on the gas pedal because she doesn't want to destroy Vicky's engine!

Will she love this car?