216 : Miss Melanie and Miss Black Mamba - bye bye Fiat Panda !!

Price € 20,00 Playtime: 30:53 Min
Size 1,13 G MB Frame: 1280 x 720 Filetype: mp4
Added on September 18, 2016

Well, the last day of the Fiat Panda has come.
The white and old junkie is ready to be dismantled, but the girls want to do their style.

So Miss Black Mamba and Miss Melanie decided to give to the Panda a great farewell. But it's not what you are thinking of...

Miss Melanie, wearing a black top, black leather jeans, and miss Black Mamba, with a white top, shorts and high heels, are ready to destroy this car!

Black Mamba starts with the interiors, and she quickly gives you the idea of how strong she is!

She firmly destroys all the interiors, then, with the help of Melanie, she starts pushing hard the doors so they can bend them at 180 degrees!

With some kicks and some brute force they made it!

But what is better than using a maze against the windscreens? Hearing the glass breaking in pieces while you see the stress fade away?

They immediately start to destroy all the car with the maze and they love hearing the cracking sound it does every time you break a piece!

They need to remove some stress from their body and they are doing good!

They continue destroying all the car but...Will the car get a revenge on them?