146 : Bad luck !! Starring Miss Iris

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Today is a busy day for Miss Iris.

She is going around Turin to visit houses and inspect them. She just finished to inspect a house that she has to rush to the next one!

So she gets in the car, turns the key and... The panda doesn't want to start up at all! She tries to start it up in every way that she can think about, she begs the car to start, she talks to the engine but without success!

After a lot of begging, she finally starts the engine up and it seems ok, but after a few meters it starts stalling on her and it does  for the rest of the trip! She is blocking the road, trying to start the car, with others behind waiting for her to move to the side!
She is so stressed!

When she finally manages to keep it started, a dog crosses the road and she has to quickly turn to not hit it, but she gets into a puddle and she is stuck!

So imagine Iris trying to fight a stalling panda and being stuck in the middle of the countryside! Sexy Huh? ;)