253 : Miss Iris wants to buy a vintage car - first option an old Fiat 500

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Added on January 13, 2017

Miss Barbie is searching for a new car. She found online an advert for an old Fiat 500 Red, and she came to have a look at it. She is wearing a black dress and red high heels, and she is discussing with the seller.

She wants to have a ride in it, to see how well does it performs and if she really wants it, but since she first saw it, she fell in love with this car!

As it's a different car from the ones she is used to, she has some problems starting it up! She tries again and again, but the car doesn't want to start for Miss Barbie!

After a lot of failed attempts, she manages to start it up, so she warms it up quickly and then she hits the road to test this red Fiat 500!

You follow her driving around the city while you get a view of her red heels pumping the gas or the brakes, but after a while she goes barefeet because the heels are hurting her...

The more she drives the car, the happier she feels about it!