494 : First autumn rain ... first stuck! Starring Miss Iris

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Released on November 1, 2019

Miss Iris is driving to a friend's house, and to get there faster, she takes a countryside road. The road is very muddy, Iris is reading her messages on her phone, she's so distracted that she doesn't notice that the road is becoming  very muddy, and the little Panda has some difficulties to move... And at the end the panda stops and she stucks!

She tries to unstuck the panda pumping the pedals slowly, then quickly, then again slowly, maybe that will work... But nothing.

She decides to go barefeet and pump the pedals without the shoes, maybe she can feel the car and the pedals more and she can unstuck the panda... But that just wasted some fuel and precious time...

At a certain point she decides to go out and push the car but her efforts seem to be vain !!

Again, she tries to get unstuck, the engine is screaming, the wheels are spinning ... but the Panda still does not move !