167 : Miss Iris & the VW Beetle driving, stalling and cranking

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Miss Iris wants to drive around the city with her old cute and red Beetle. She wants the Beetle because it matches the colour of her nails!

She wears a black jacket, a miniskirt and her favourite mules, and she is ready to drive!

The only issue is that the old Beetle is a little bit lazy, and so it doesn't want to start!

Miss Iris pumps the gas pedal to the floor and then rhythmically to try to start the engine, and this trick works!

She then starts to drive around the city, but at most of the signals the old beetle stalls!

This engine is really terrible today...

In this video you have a lot of close-up views of Miss Iris and her feet trying and pleading the car to stay alive for the whole trip!

But the Beetle is really bad and she has to pump hard the pedals at every crossroad to keep the engine alive!

Will she come to the destination without stalling every few meters?