515 : Damsel in distress with the van - Starring Miss Amy

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Added on February 29, 2020

Miss Amy has fallen madly in love with a beautiful white marble table, she can't wait to have it in her living room and ... she doesn't want to wait for the courier's delivery time!

She wants the table now... and she wants it now!

Amy decides to rent a van, after all .... it should work like a car ....
Pedals, steering wheel, shouldn't be hard to drive!

The van is cold,  Amy decides to warm up the engine giving it a good acceleration with her magnificent high-heeled shoes.

But when it comes to start the van and start ... the nightmare begins!

Amy can't get the gears in gear and the van suddendly stalls! And this happens all the times she tries to put the first gear!

What a disaster!

Amy insists, she wants at all costs to pick up the table but this damned van is so stubborn and doesn't want to cooperate!