511 : Let's blow the old car! Starring Miss Iris & Miss Ninfa

Price € 22,00 Playtime: 26:50 Min
Size 1,89 GB Frame: 1280 x 720 Filetype: mp4
Added on February 5, 2020

Miss Iris is fighting with her old Fiat Panda, as usual the car doesn’t want to start! It keeps sputtering and not revving. Miss Ninfa is passing by, she noticed Iris in troubles, asks her if she needs help and she tries too to start the car.

Finally the engine is running and Ninfa starts to rev the hell out of it! After a while Iris wants to give herself a good lesson to this stubborn car.

She’s definetely fed up with it and, on Ninfa's advice, she decides to get rid of his old junk and she starts a powerful and extreme revving, Miss Ninfa gives her contribution too and ...

you can easily imagine what will happen to the poor engine !