499 : Sexy realtor in mud distress - Starring Miss Black Mamba

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Playtime: 15:46 Min Size: 1,10 GB
Added on November 18, 2019

Miss Black Mamba is a real estate agent just hired and today is her first day of work: she was commissioned to photograph a plot for sale, the day is beautiful and full of sun and Black Mamba thinks to herself that she was really lucky to find this pleasant job!

Once the shooting is done, she's ready to go back to the office with her old Panda but ... she hasn't reckoned with the muddy and slippery ground and ends up stuck!

It's not possible! They're waiting for her in the office and she can't be late!

She tries in every way to get out of the mud, even pushing the car ... but it seems that her destiny today is to remain nailed in the middle of the field!