229 : Miss Iris playing with the Aprilia 350 ETX

Price € 15,00 Playtime: 15:13 Min
Size 567 MB Frame: 1280 x 720 Filetype: mp4
Added on October 31, 2016

Miss Iris, dressed very sexy with a black shiny top, leather skirt and high heels, gets to her bike. She has an old Aprilia 350XT, one of the old and big motocross bikes, which engine vibrates so well and makes such a great noise that Miss Iris feels happy yet after starting up.

But the engine doesn't want to start up for her! She tries again and again with the kick starter, but nothing happens! Then she remembers that the Bike has an electric starter, so she presses the button and the engine goes back to life!

She loves so bad this bike that she gives you a private show of how is to drive that and how much the motorbike makes her happy!

You will hear the loud engine roaring every time she opens the gas on that bike, and you will see Miss Iris looking at you with an innocent face and then jumping aggressively following the frequency of the revs, and while doing all this you have a closeup view of her fit legs shaking and vibrating while the engine turns and generate the vibrations.

The more the engine is getting hot, the more she loves it cause it does a purring sound, and she feels like she is dominating this beast of an engine...