366 : Tricky muddly stuck - Starring Miss Tiffany

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Added on March 5, 2018

Finally some rainy days in Turin after months and months of dryness!

Vicky asks Tiffany to take a tour of the countryside to check the mud situation to see if it's possible to shoot a stuck video.

Tiffany drives the Fiat Uno on an unpaved road when it gets bogged down at some point while trying to manoeuvre!!

But that is not possible! The ground is not so muddy to get stuck with !

Tiffany tries to move from the mud without success by squeezing the pedals with his black high-heeled boots, and then decides to take them off and try it out with socks only.

The wheels slip and smoke.... the engine frequently stalls ... and the Fiat Uno continues to be bogged down!