205 : Miss Iris and the battery disaster

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Added on August 16, 2016

Miss Iris was asked to take her neighbors child to school because her neighbors had to do something very important.

Miss Iris jumps in the car, pumps the pedal gas about 5 times before trying because she knows that its always hard to start the car. She tries to start the car but it will not start. The sound of the battery is very weak….. She is cranking very slow while the little kid observes how she is struggling with the car.

The little kid gets closer to the car because Miss Iris is taking so long to start it in order to bring it over but she asks him to get in the car while she is trying to start it. The kid gets in the back of the car and Miss Iris tells him to put his seat belt on.

Miss Iris keeps trying to start the car. She looks desperate trying to start the car.

She hugs the steering wheel while cranking and pumping the pedal gas pleading the car to start.

She keeps trying, trying and trying …. but nothing is working!
This damned battery is totally drained !!
And, beside the battery … Miss Iris had also serious troubles with her boots !