135 Alfa Romeo 166 : The blowing by Miss Iris & Miss Black Mamba

Price € 12,00 Playtime: 10:35 Min
Size 384 MB Frame: 1280 x 720 Filetype: mp4

Miss Iris and Miss Black Mamba tried the shining Alfa and ....  now they want to rev the hell out of it!

They both are completely sexy in those dresses and they are ready to rock! They wear black short skirts, and heels.

There are two cameras: one on the engine and another on the misses. So
you can appreciate either the two amazing Misses or the amazing work
they are doing on the engine and feel all the vibrations of it!

As they enter in the car they start revving it so hard!

They both want to rev so hard the car, and at the beginning Iris starts,
while Black Mamba say her to rev harder and harder.

Then Mamba takes
the control of the poor and old engine and she revs quite hard the
car... until the Misses blow the engine!