500 : Cheater car seller - Starring Miss Iris & Miss Ninfa

Price : € 18,00 - Playtime: 24:15 Min Size: 1,70 GB 
Added on November 18, 2019

Miss Iris is really fed up with her old Fiat Panda which always has a thousand battery problems and decides to put her car up for sale. After many months a buyer (Miss Ninfa) finally shows up and Miss Iris really hopes that it's the right time to get rid of her old trash!

Miss Ninfa seems interested in the purchase but when she tries to start it, as usual ... the stubborn Fiat Panda does not start!

Iris tries to minimize the problem so as not to make the buyer suspicious and finally, after using the cables, the engine starts ... will Miss Iris be able to convince Miss Ninfa that her Fiat Panda is really a good deal?