083-2 : Miss Iris goes to the Juventus Stadium - The Revving Edition

Price : € 22,00 - Playtime: 27:36 Min Size 0,98 GB
Release date : July 16, 2015

For all our revving addicted friends ... here is the Revving Edition of the clip "Miss Iris goes to the Juventus Stadium"

Miss Iris is back and looking as sexy as ever in a short black skirt and white sneakers. Immediately she is presented with a problem, the Fiat won't start. It splutters and misfires under her right foot, her pleas of 'come on baby' seem to be falling on deaf ears but listening to Miss Iris is nearly as sexy as watching her!

She keeps battling and is rewarded after 5 minutes of cranking when the engine roars to life, after a bit of gear grinding and a stall she is off and you get to join her on a drive around the streets of Turin, lots of gear changing and a great view of those wonderful legs.

Then when everything seems to be going so well the car stalls in traffic, Miss Iris nearly floods it trying to restart it and check out the gentleman checking her out when this happens! Eventually she arrives at her destination, the world famous Juventus Stadium!

When she arrives back a bit later it is a hot day, she takes a drink from a water fountain and her feet are so hot in those sneakers she gives them a cool down to running them under the cold water, she even slips one off for a bit of barefoot washing.

Back at the car with soaking wet shoes the Fiat refuses to start, can you imagine Miss Iris's wet feet in those sneakers pumping the pedal as she cranks and pleads "come on baby" with the car. The car puts up a brave fight but eventually it does start and then it gets a good hard revving as punishment for it's misbehavior.

A little more gear grinding a stalling follow until Miss Iris is finally able to get herself out of there and head home.