070 : Miss Vicky dangling, dipping and cranking

Playtime: 17:34 Min Size 639 MB
Release date : June 9, 2015

Miss Vicky is sat at the office working away on her computer, wearing stunning black high heels, nylons and short black skirt and jacket she types away at the keyboard whilst captivating you with some fantastic heel pop, dipping and dangling.

Miss Vicky leaves the office and makes her way to her old Fiat, she checks her phone before getting in and something has made her laugh, unfortunately she won't be laughing for long as the Fiat is up to it's old tricks.

With the pedal floored and the choke pulled out the Fiat sounds like it is in no mood to be rushed, and when Vicky sinks back in her chair looking exasperated she knows a battle is going to follow.

Several minutes of cranking follow, with the Fiat teasing like mad, with one foot on the pedal and one out of the car dipping you won't know where to look next! Vicky is vocal throughout, frustrated she begs the car to start but its to no avail. Shoe play and heel pop are frequent in-between cranking attempts.

Vicky looks under the bonnet to see if anything is obvious with more dipping and shoe play as she does so.

Back in the car the frustration continues, with her left leg propped up on the dash her right foot tries to coax the car to life in a very sexy scene, it seems that no matter what Vicky does today she isn't going to be leaving the office!

Filmed from drivers open door and passenger seat with some great close ups throughout.

Another must have for cranking, shoe play, leg and Nylon fans.