497 : Let's floor the Audi Q2 - Starring Miss Iris

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Released on November 14, 2019

Today is a fantastic day for Miss Iris!

Her boss asked her to pick up a colleague and for the occasion Iris can drive the company car, an Audi Q2!
It's the first time that Iris drives this car, she gets in, makes some hard revving and after a few minutes of getting used to the car, Iris first crosses the city traffic and then she hit the highway driving fast !

The journey continues but Iris misses the good road and she realizes she's in the open countryside along a dirt road .... what better occasion to do some skidding and some spins? Iris raises a great deal of dust and has sooo much fun !

Our Miss then manages to find the right road, now she is really late and must push the pedal to the floor to go to pock up her colleague!
Finally she arrives at his destination (even a few minutes in advance!) and takes advantage of it to have some more fun with a bit of hard revving!
Yes, the Audi Q2 is definitely a car that she likes very much!