297 : Miss Ale struggling with a bitchy Renault 5

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Added on June 3, 2017

Miss Ale is very late for her appointment and she needs to hit the road immediately. She is wearing a black top with flowers, shorts and sandals.

She gets in the car and guess what? It doesn't start! "Oh my god, what happened? It doesn't start!" She says.

While she is looking worried at the dashboard, the car gives no sign of life at all... What is happening here? She starts pumping the gas pedal nervously. But while she tries again and again, the engine doesn't want to start up! She gets more and more worried.

After a long struggle, the engine finally starts up, but she can't keep it on, and after just some seconds it dies on her again!

She looks first so happy that she managed to start the car, but as soon as it starts spluttering she gets very worried!

In this video there are three cameras: one pointed at Miss Ale face, so you can see her struggling to start this thing; one behind the gas pedal, so you can see her pumping the pedal very nervously; and another on Miss Vicky's hands that goes around the car to give you the best shots!