268 : Miss Iris wants to flood your car

Price € 5,00 Playtime: 4:51 Min
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Added on March 10, 2017

Miss Iris, dressed with a black top, black skirt and pink heels, wants to play with you! She is in your car in your driver seat, and she is pumping hard and quick on the gas pedal! What's going on?

"You see my love? Your car is flooded!" She says to you. She really wants to flood your car and kill it completely! She thinks that is a piece of junk and it deserves it! So she keeps on pumping that pedal and turn the key to flood it in the worst way possible!

She thinks you deserve this punishment and she wants you to see it! She secretly knows you really love when she tries to start the car while it's flooded, and she knows you love when she does it in heels, so it's a great fun for her to see you struggling while standing there!

While your battery is getting drained, she still pushes on that gas pedal with the tip of her foot, while watching you with an angel face and telling you how much she hates that junk! She really wants you to not be able to start the car!

After a long session of pumping and flooding, she makes you try to start it, but will it start?