493 : This car needs a good revving! Starring Miss Ninfa

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Released on October 31, 2019

As everyone knows now, the battery of the old Fiat Panda is giving several problems lately ..... it's probably necessary to replace it but Vicky still wants to make an attempt to see if it can be still useful for some clips, and she asks Ninfa to do a good revving to try to recharge the battery!

Ninfa is always happy when it comes to push hard on the gas pedal, she turns on the old Fiat Panda and she's ready to enjoy a nice revving!

The engine runs very well and resists under the accelerations of Ninfa and ... yes,  finally it seems that the battery is recharged!
Ninfa stops the car, she enjoys a cigarette and then she starts again to make some revving.

Ninfa calls Vicky and makes her hear the Fiat Panda shouting ... very well!
We will wait a little longer to change the battery ... hoping that the Panda doesn't do bad tricks again!