078 : Miss Vicky teaches the Misses how to deal with an old Fiat Panda

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Release date : July 8, 2015 Price : € 16,00

Today? School driving lessons !! Miss Vicky teaches Miss Iris and Miss Black Mamba how to deal with an old Fiat Panda !

The first lesson it's about stuck, Miss Vicky begins with general information about these old cars with air carburetor and no power steering, then continues with a simulation of a stuck, and the Misses learn how to play with the clutch and the gas pedal to be able to get our of the mud with some practical exercises.

The second lesson is about revving : Miss Vicky shows how to pump the gas pedal, and of course ... immediately after the Misses try themselves to rev, barefoot also!

More lessons will follow in the coming weeks ;-)