210 : Miss Iris and her dad Porsche Boxter - drive and burnouts in the country

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Added on September 4, 2016

Miss Iris finally sets off direction countryside, where she can push the pedal to the metal and see what that car is capable of … what a better place to try her Fast and Furious Iris side?

She pushes hard the gas to the max, quickly bringing the revs to the max, she removes the clutch and the trick is done! Easy, right?

While her flip flops are playing with the pedals, she is happy to do all those countryside roads with her beautiful Porche, at a fast speed while overpassing everyone!

She wants that car to be her! It's too beautiful and it makes her very happy!

She then goes to a field because it's easier to do burnouts there, and that is what she wants to do.

She keeps the revs high, the engine hot and loud, and makes those tires spin fast!

She is pretty good at doing burnouts and donuts!

But the time to go home is approaching, and she has to lend the car to some other Miss... Who will it be?