505 : Cold cranking morning - Starring Miss Ninfa

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Released on December 19, 2019

Time to go to work for Miss Ninfa! It’s Monday , it's a very cold day and the car is not moving since Friday... and she knows that she will have to fight to start this old and stubborn engine!

She turns the key and the car doesn't give any sign of life. She tries if using the choke helps the car to start up, but in every position she puts in, the car engine doesn't make any noise!

The car doesn't want to start at all!

She stays calm and relaxed because she knows it will start later on! Or at least this is what she is hoping for. She tries again and again and finally the car gives some signs of life but .. it stalls after few meters!

Ninfa is becoming anxious, she will be surely late at the office, she strongly pumps on the gas pedal but this stubborn car today really doesn’t want to get started!