239 : Miss Vicky & Miss Black Mamba torture the old Lancia Y10

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Added on November 25, 2016

Miss Vicky is driving around Turin to pick up her friend Miss Black Mamba.

She is very excited about this old Y10 and she loves driving it! She is wearing a total black top and bottom and clogs with red toenails.

While she is driving she tries to spin the tires, and she make it!

She then says to the car “Now we will have some fun!”, she puts the neutral and start revving hard the car!

She also gets in the hood and rev the car with the gas wire! She definitely wants to feel the engine and it’s vibrations!

After a while, she goes on driving and she picks up Miss Black Mamba, which is wearing a black leather jacket and clogs. She wants her to feel the car, and make her see how beautiful is the car, so they go around and spin the tires at every corner!

They then stop and start revving really hard the car in every possible way, because Miss Vicky wants to see a big smoke coming out from the exhaust pipe!

But as the car is a rent, they can’t destroy the engine!

Or this is what they are thinking, because after all this hot revving, it’s impossible that the car is still perfectly fine!