427 : Hurry up sweet girl, hurry up! Starring Miss Amy & the Fiat 500

Price € 16,00 Playtime: 20:17 Min
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Added on November 13, 2018

Miss Amy is always late, she just can't be on time! Today she has to go to an important business meeting, she knows that her Fiat 500 always has ignition problems but today she can't waste precious time and she's not patient at all with her rusty Fiat!

After some attempts she finally manages to start the engine and hit the road and, during the way... she realizes that she did not have the time to lunch!

She makes a quick stop at Mc Donalds,  she jumps again on board of her Fiat 500 and, to try to drive as fast as possible, she decides to take off his shoes and make the last kilometers driving barefoot!