556 : Fiat 127 for sale - but it won't start! Starring Miss Amy

Price € 14,00 Playtime: 14:33 Min
Size 1,02 GB Frame: 1280 x 720 Filetype: mp4
Added on February 21, 2021

The search for a new Pedal Vamp car continues, today Amy has found a beautiful Fiat 127 from the early 70s... maybe it could be the right candidate!

Amy makes an appointment with the seller and goes to the workshop to see the car. The car is well maintained, the body is still shiny and has no scratches, but the car seems to have engine problems!

Amy does her best to try and get it started, but each attempt fails, even though she is pulling the choke like she's supposed to do with these old cars!

The battery is also running low, and Amy intersperses her attempts to start the car with shoeplay and dipping... will she be able to start the engine?